Gambian Foreign Minister , Mamadou Tangara, at UN headquarters in New York with Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Many times it is said that true friends know each other in difficult circumstances, and this is true, as it is also true that those who are grateful manifest it in adverse situations, without gibberish, and with much simplicity.

An example of this is Gambia, a small country in West Africa with few resources, but worthy and hospitable, whose people and government with notorious modesty sent a message of solidarity to Cuba a few days ago, after the devastating tornado that hit Havana in the night of last January 27.

In the letter, signed by his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mamadou Tangara, and addressed to his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, expresses the pain and sadness of the Gambians for the loss of human and material lives caused to the largest of the Antilles for the surprising natural phenomenon.

It is also emphasized that “we will shoulder shoulder to shoulder” with Cuba at this moment, and it is highlighted that “we are sure that with its strong leadership, wisdom and resistance the people of the Caribbean island will overcome the tragedy.”

The message of the grateful Gambia of course that was not disseminated by the mass media, which only report from Africa when conflicts are unleashed, in most cases exacerbated by the West, or to denigrate the so-called forgotten continent.

Author: Ruben G. Abelenda
Source: Picture: Photo courtesy of the Gambian Chancellor