Gambian female artistes to stage ‘Girl Power’ concert

Friday, July 12, 2019

The maiden edition of Girl’s power concert, dedicated to all female artistes in The Gambia is slated for 19th October, 2019 at Alliance Franchise.

 The event, to be organise by Joy house entertainment, will feature  twelve  female  artistes onstage including Miss Jobiz, Tanga Chama, Binzy, Sarah Joy, Amy Aisha, Awa Bling, Lena B, Sophia, Kdrizzy, Anges, Synchana Madona, Lady Quincy and Tattou.  The performances will be semi- live.

Chief executive Sarah Joy told journalists  that their target is to empower at least 12 female artists which will include stage performances and recording of at least a couple of songs as well as facilitate radio and TV interviews. “We are aware of the challenges attached to such a huge project but we are determined to give female artists in the Gambia the life changing opportunities.”

She explained that Joy house entertainment is a music advocacy group established with the optimum objective of empowering female artist in the Gambia that is the reason of this girl’s power concert. “We want to give platform to female artistes to wider audiences.”

According to her, The girl’s power concert is aimed at harnessing the potential of young female artist and giving them a platform to showcase their talents, so in that we intend to do it as an annual concert,” she said. She assured the fans of quality and maximum entertainment during the concert night.