Gambian DJs’ are failing to promote our music-Stromeo

Friday, February 02, 2018

Stromeo, an Afro fuzz and R&B artist has lamented that Gambian Disc Jokers (DJ) does not play the songs of Gambian musicians on their shows, saying they have failed to promote the country’s music.

“Even if they have Gambian songs with them, you will be begging them to play them. This is causing difficulty in Gambia’s music scene promotions,” he told The Voice Vibes on 2nd July, 2017 at his resident at Bakoteh.  Stromeo emphasised that Gambian DJs’ does not know the kind of music to play.

“If you are a hip-hop DJ you should know the hip-hop artists of the country so that you can play their songs,” he said.

To Stromeo, the DJs do not even know their artists and that is why they always play foreign music which won’t promote their career. ‘If they play American music on your shows or programs, when they go to America do you think they will welcome them like their own DJs’?’ he added.

He revealed that some DJs’ will want artists to give them money before they could play their songs in the radio. He pointed out that insufficient finance and lack of scholarship is affecting Gambian artists a lot. “Gambian artists are divided not because of competition but because everyone wants to be unique and stand on his own.”

Stromeo urged producers and studios to come together to promote Gambian music and produce quality videos and wonderful beats for the artists.

He also appealed to DJs’ to play Gambian music on their shows or program without lobby or bribe. 

Author: Njie Baldeh