Gambian designing artist receives international award

Friday, October 06, 2017

As part of promoting Gambian art in the world, Lamin Secka, a Gambian designing artist recently returned from a three-month artistic programme in China organized by the People’s Republic of China where he was successfully awarded international certificate and medals by the Chinese people.

The Gambian designing artist represented The Gambia where thousands of artists attended and displayed their artistic work.

 Secka also thanked the government of The Gambia for facilitating the program for him to represent the country to China.

Speaking at a press conference recently organized by the NCAC, Baba Ceesay, director-general NCAC, congratulated Lamin Secka for making them proud for discharging all his responsibility on the agreement with the Chinese.

“I am glad that he has not taken the mission for his personal interest and he was able to advocate for his experience and I would say that this are things that the NCAC will do for the artistic community, hence they deserve more exposure because the talents are there,” he declared.

Speaking also at the press conference, Lamin Secka, thanked the NCAC for organizing the press conference, noting that the NCAC is here to support all artists in the country.

He said the mission was so successful that he has achieved what he went for, adding that he made all agreements and arrangements possible that they put on the table.

The program is going to take three months and is an exchange program whereby every ambassador of Art in Africa should submit six pieces of art to the Chinese government of arts.

Six African countries attended the program and for his part, he submitted more than what was expected from him.

 Secka called for more support so that they could expose themselves more into the outside world.

 “I also signed an agreement with the Chinese people that every year eight artists should be coming from The Gambia to attend the program in China so that they can expose their arts work and make marketing for themselves and also to expose the name of The Gambia to the international world.”

Ebrima Mbenga, who also spoke at the meeting, said he didn’t have much to say but with that certification and medals it portrays a good name for The Gambia.

Pateh Baldeh, President of Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA), who also spoke on behalf of the network, thanked Lamin Secka for representing The Gambia in China, noting that he has promoted The Gambia to the outside world.

The NoGJWCA President added that this was one of the ways they could promote the country’s culture and called on the NCAC to give more support to artists and journalists so that they could promote culture in the country.

Matty Jobe, Culture Manager at NCAC chaired the meeting.

Author: Njie Baldeh