Gambian designer set for Ghana fashion week

Friday, March 09, 2018

After grabbing the designer of the year Men Wear award at the recent Fashion Award Night staged by Yusuf Thula of Trace Thula Entertainment, Gambian designer Pa Modo Jah, chief executive and founder of Pa Jah Design Clothing is set now, going internationally.

The young Gambian designer is set for Accra Men Fashion Week coming on 27 and 28 April in Ghana. Having participated in the event last year, CEO Jah is optimistic that with time and support he will continue to promote Gambian made products in international fashion event.

The young entrepreneur launched his career in 2013 and within a short space of time; he has carve a niche for himself with his new innovative collection. This has enable to attract more customers in the country and abroad when it comes to local fashion attires. His unique and innovative new trends speak volume that he has a future ahead of him in the scene.

 “The last time I attended the Ghana fashion Week the audience was really glad to see Gambian designers showcasing his collection at the event. My vision as a designer is to come up with new innovative trends and designs in the store using different materials. This is to show that the fashion industry is very wide.”

On the challenges, Jah acknowledged that challenges exist but with dedicated and commitment he remain up to the task. “Yes, there are numerous challenges in the industry especially when you attend fashion shows, you will spent a lot of resources and at the end of the day there will be no sales. But we are committed to it as it a passion” he said.

On the country’s fashion industry, he indicated that The Gambia’s fashion scene is thriving compared to past years. “The industry is witnessing new trend and collection compared to previous years as we see designers every year. It is better than better than before. As a fashion designer my collections are now going internationally” he added.

Reacting to his recent award, he paid glory to hard work saying hard work pays off. He, however, saluted the organizers Yusuf Thula of Trace Thula Entertainment for the foresight and encouraged young designers to join the trail and showcase what they have to offer.

Author: Sheriff Janko