Gambian CSO advocates peace and justice

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The secretary general of Foundation for Peace Justice and National Development, a Gambian civil society organization has underscored the role of peace and justice in the development of any country. To this end, he said peace and justice are tools that must be closely safeguarded to ensure the development prevails at all times.

Saidou Bayo in a recent interview with our reporter acknowledged that Gambians have been caring towards one another and are committed to maintaining peace. “We do not advocate on tribal lines but to foster peace and justice.”

He said but they advocate for people whose intention is to bring disunity among people. “We want tribalism to stop and for justice to prevail,” he said.

The president of the organisation, Sulayman Sannoh said they formed the organisation to serve as the voice of Gambians and a platform where necessary concerns and wishes of citizens can be discussed. He said the plight of the people is there concern and they are there to campaign against injustice.

Author: Fatou Dem