Gambian community in Mauritania seeks gov’t help

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Gambian community in Mauritania has called for government support in the maintenance of the sole Gambian school in Mauritania.

“We have long been seeking help from the government, since the time of the former regime,” said Fabala Kinteh, headmaster of the Gambian school in Mauritania. 

He said they are faced with lots of challenges in the school but hopes are that the narrative would change with the new government.

The Gambian community in Mauritania made the appeal during a meeting with the history club of the University of The Gambia which recently concluded a research trip to Mauritania.

Mr Kinteh called on the government to continue giving priority to the education sector and also consider the school in Mauritania, for it is on the verge of fading away due to myriad of challenges.

“We want The Gambia government to intervene and help us pay our debt; the school is occupying a rented place and paying rent has increasing been proving difficult,” he said.  “We also need support of learning facilities and the premises itself needs thorough renovation to make it more conducive for the students to learn and enjoy.”

Modou Lamin Kanteh, president of the Gambian community in Mauritania, said that presently the Gambian community is the sole sponsor of the school.

“It’s time the new government to help us with some expenses to maintain the school the way it should be,” he said.  “The former president had really helped us but at the moment, we are in debt,” he said. 

Mr Kanteh said they have high hopes that the new government would step in to help them in “these difficult times”.

“We are really in need of help to sustain the school for this generation and generations to come,” he said.

Aja Saffiatou Danso, women’s president of the Gambian community, said the government should have them in mind as they are also part of The Gambia.

Author: Adam Jobe reporting from Mauritania
Source: Picture: Aja Saffiatou Danso women’s president of Gambian community in Mauritania