Gambian authors launch new books

Friday, January 18, 2019

Three different books written by Gambian writers, Baba Sillah and Dr. Cherno Barry were over the weekend launched. Two among the books titled ‘Closures and His Dictator’ and ‘Heretics’ were authored by Baaba Sillah, while the third one titled ‘Lenrie Peters’ was authored by Dr. Cherno Barry.

They were reviewed by Hassoum Ceesay, vice president of the Writers Association of The Gambia and published by the Global Hands Publishers with Ba Trawally as chief launcher.

Hassoum Ceesay said origins of the three books origin could be drawn to The Gambia writings of the colonial era.

He said Dr. Barry’s book is the first literary biography of the great poet – Dr Lenrie Peters, which he said, for the first time is a full length biography of his literary life and time.

“In summary, the book reveals Peters the writer – poet, essayist, novelist and social activist engaged and public servant who occupied many positions in the government from his return to home from 1968 to 1995”.

Mr. Ceesay said Baaba Sillah’s book titled ‘ The Closures’ is a book of over 300 pages in dense text with many characters, straightforward prose  and complexity in characterization, though with complicated story line, plot and a confounding setting – London’s airport, Banjul and other climes. “His other book, His Dictator and Heretics is a rebellious, anti-order, tyranny and pro people.”

He argued that the dictum in the past as claimed by people was that Gambians do not write, saying launch of the three books at a go has proven that claim to be uncertain.

“Gambians are now writing and publishing,” he said.

The Gambia, he said, as a country blessed with writers, commentators and columnists, reflecting back to the 1880s with the advent of the first Bathurst newspapers when the small capital was with less than 30,000 people.

He said Banjul, then Bathurst had five weekly newspapers in the 1930s onwards.

“These newspapers were Gambia News Bulletin, The Gambia Echo, Gambia Outlook and Senegambia Reporter, Gambia Public Opinion and Gambia Weekly News. All these newspapers used to make weekly publications and were all full of news and comments written by Gambians,“ he added.

Renowned author Ceesay commended Global Hands Publishers, particularly Dr. Sillah and his team for their arduous work to make Gambian writers publish in quality and quantity.

Author: Yunus S Saliu