Gambian activist calls for peace, amidst startling revelations at TRRC

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A France-based Gambian activist has emphasized the need for Gambians especially victims of the former regime to unite and nurture peace, amidst startling revelations at the ongoing Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission set up to probe the atrocities committed in the past regime.

Babucarr Jabbie, who is keenly following proceedings of the ongoing TRRC from his base in France, was speaking in a recent exclusive with The Point.

He acknowledged that following witness testimonies at the ongoing TRRC, one would come to a conclusion that a lot happened in the country. To this end, he suggested that all those perpetrators implicated of right violations in the past regime and are currently serving government, be suspended till the outcome of the commission.

“The commission as for me came at a time when we need it most, especially the victims and their families. I really welcome the initiative and I expect justice be served, before reconciliation,” he said.

He continued: “The harrowing testimonies from witnesses are extremely revealing and one would wonder such barbaric acts can happen in our little country.”

The former anti-back-way campaigner, however, called on victims to fear God and speak the truth and nothing, but the truth. “Let them not be bias in their testimonies.”

On the current state of security of the country, Jabbie emphasised the need for all hands to be on deck in order to make the country a safe haven.

“As far as I’m concerned we have not achieved much when it comes to national security, as people’s lives are not secured. Armed robberies and killings have now been the order of the day. And of course we need development in many sectors like other developing countries.”

Jabbie, who earlier on expressed his political ambitions and he is at an advanced stage of launching his own political party, also called on government to relax party registration fees.

“We are still on the process, and very soon we will make a difference. But I want to call on government to relax its registration fee.”