Gambia to host West African College of Surgeons conference

Friday, February 09, 2018

The Gambia has been named the host of this year’s West African College of Surgeons’ Conference slated from 25th February to 2nd March. This was revealed by the chairman of the event local organising committee Dr. Melville O. George during a press conference on Monday.

Dr. George said the West African College of Surgeons is a professional organisation that promotes education, training, examinations and surgery researches in Africa. “The conference comes every year on scientific discussions, presentations and lectures on new techniques and on personal experiences in managing specific surgical cases,” he said.

He said during the conference period, they will be hosting a large number of surgeons from the West African College of Surgeons which spans across 22 African countries, saying surgeons from other colleges from the African continent, the United Kingdom, United States of America and parts of Asia will also attend the conference.

Dr. Mustapha Bittaye, coordinator and outreach programme officer said hospitals have already been identified where surgeries will be conducted. “Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital have been identified and most of the surgeries will be done there as well as the Serrekunda General Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Hospital and Bundung Hospital,” he said.

“Recruitment is going all over the country. Those interested can contact doctors all over the country so that they can link them up with the local organising committee to be part of the list.”

Dr. Charles Roberts also elaborated on the types of surgeries that will be conducted by the surgeons, saying the pediatric surgeons will be around who will be targeting children. “Plastic surgeries like reconstruction of bones will be conducted in accidents or a deformity cases and hand surgeries,” he said, adding that orthopedic surgeons will conduct bones surgeries and urology surgeons will operates on patients that have urinary track abnormalities.

Author: Fatou B. Cham