Gambia to entrench quality assurance of higher education system

Monday, April 16, 2018

Director of higher education at the Ministry of Higher Education says his ministry and the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency (NAQAA) are committed to support Gambia’s process to become one of the countries with entrenched quality assurance system that will be externally recognized.

Anthony G. Mendy said like many other countries in Africa, Gambia has been working toward the development of quality assurance landscape to enhance delivery in tertiary and higher education.

He said the request for all stakeholders’ participation in the process is to embrace quality assurance movement for recognition of institutions. “It is the responsibility of all institutions to participate in quality assurance processes and to be counted as one of the accredited institutions.”

Mr. Mendy emphasised that the process requires concerted efforts among stakeholders and partners within the tertiary and higher education sector, adding that the project will bring significant quality assurance and recognition of tools and qualifications to The Gambia.

Oulaye Camara, deputy permanent secretary at the higher education ministry said they have made significant strides towards quality attainment by establishing the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency (NAQAA) some three years ago. “Another significant milestone attained is that The Gambia is among other African countries that ratified the Convention.”

She said the move is to ensure and enhance students, teachers and researchers’ scope within the African continent’s mobility and to obtain recognition of studies and qualification in tandem with every country on the African continent.

A representative of UNESCO Maimuna Sidibeh said they have provided technical support on regulation issues through the implementation and monitoring of regional conventions on the recognition of higher education qualifications and by supporting member states to improve their quality assurance mechanisms.

“I would like to appeal to authorities and all relevant stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunities available to improve on our higher education structures. It is important to incorporate a culture of quality assurance into the day-to-day operation of higher education systems, institutions and programmes because quality assurance is a continuous process of evaluating, assessing, monitoring, guaranteeing, maintaining and improving the quality of higher education.”