Gambia taking deliberate steps at peace building – ECOWAS Envoy

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Gambia is currently going through a transition process and therefore taking deliberate steps at strategic level towards mainstreaming peace building.

These steps range from various policy formulation to implementations, which are designed towards consolidation of democratic governance in The Gambia, according to an ECOWAS diplomat.

 “It is therefore the collective responsibility of all to ensure that structures are put in place especially at policy and decision making levels for sustainable peace, stability and development in the country,” ECOWAS representative in The Gambia, Mrs. Vabah Gayflor, said.

A four-day workshop on “Peacebuilding: Strategic Policy, Best Practices and Delivery” brought together government technocrats, administrators and policymakers at a local hotel in Kololi on Tuesday.

The event is meant to strengthen the capacity of the Department of Strategic Policy Delivery at the Office of the President to be able to effectively execute its coordination mandate of various government bodies.

It is expected to equip policy makers with the necessary knowledge to integrate conflict prevention mechanisms in the public policy practice and delivery.

Muhammed Jallow, permanent secretary at the Office of the President, representing the secretary general, said The Gambia was known for peace and democracy, however, the past regime “brought in unfavourable history.”

“The democratic change of government in 2016 has given the country a fresh leash and an envy of the world,” Mr. Jallow said.

However, he said challenges still remain in consolidating the peace and stability in the country. He noted issues like land dispute, cultural conflicts based on caste, tribal and religious conflicts, citizenship, among others as areas that threaten stability.

The event, organised by the Department of Strategic Policy Delivery of the Office of the President, is supported by ECOWAS and the European Union.

Author: Fatou Dem