Gambia signs US$75M grants with China on infrastructure

Thursday, December 28, 2017

During his official visit to The People’s Republic of China, President Adama Barrow has signed an agreement of S75 million grants with China.

During an interview with GRTS, President Adama Barrow said the agreement signed is for the construction of Basse-Koina Road, Fatoto-Passamass Bridge, Basse-Wuli Bridge.

President Barrow at the Banjul International Airport, confirmed that China and Gambia have cooperation in areas such as; visa exemption for diplomatic passport and service passport and also technical cooperation on tourism, economic, agriculture, as well as the energy sector.

 “We were there to cement and strengthen the relationship between the two countries, there was a break—but we assured them that this break was not the wish of The Gambian people,” he said, adding that it was a decision of the former head of state who took a unilateral decision to sideline China, one of the Gambia’s most important partners.

President Barrow acknowledged that China was able to develop within a period of 39 years considering the size of the country and the population and they were able to succeed and develop the country in a short span.

“I see no reason why Gambia cannot do it,” the president said, adding that in partnership with China, Gambia will have a lot to learn.

“Because I think if we learn from China, we can succeed within a short period considering the size of the Gambia and her population,” he said.

“We support China because they succeeded in that and I think if you want to succeed you have to copy things that are positive.”

That is why we will support them at every level both in bilateral and multilateral levels to the benefit of both countries. It is a win-win situation, he concluded.

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source: Picture: President Adama Barrow