Gambia, Senegal: Integration a necessity

Thursday, October 12, 2017

President Barrow has made another landmark brotherly remark in the true African spirit of oneness, love and unity, by reiterating the long-standing call for Senegal and The Gambia to be a model for integration, not only for Africa but also for the whole world.

Making such a call at a meeting and téte-â-téte he had with the special envoy from his Senegalese counterpart, who paid him an official visit early this week, demonstrates how clear our leader sees the vitality and essence of integration and the benefits therein on the backdrop of unity between nations.

A similar message was sent to Barrow by the Senegalese leader, President Macky Sall, whose commitment to the spirit of friendliness and good neighbourliness between The Gambia and Senegal was also reiterated by his special envoy.

We cannot really overemphasise the need for unity and integration between The Gambia and Senegal.

It is a known fact that these two countries and peoples are one nation, separated by colonial powers in search of territories to exploit in those days. Senegalese and Gambians are one people, bound by the same tradition and culture. So, any attempt to make them look different through the languages of the colonial masters – English and French, should not be encouraged. We know we are one people, one nation and one destiny, so we cannot really be divided.

This reality, since from time immemorial; now and in the future, makes it necessary for both people to thrive on an integrated economy and security that ensure free and lucrative trade, as well as peace, harmony and love among our peoples at all times.

As our president has rightly stated in March this year, The Gambia and Senegal signed several cooperation agreements to promote trade, fisheries, peace and security for the mutual benefit of the two peoples.

We cannot afford to drawback on this, as it is said: divided we fall, together we stand. It is truism that unity creates, but disunity destroys. So, let’s always preach oneness, love, peace, security and integration.

We, therefore, hope our two leaders would always translate words into action.

How good, pleasant and beautiful it would be to see The Gambia and Senegal truly integrates in the real sense of the word.

We would like to seize this opportunity to commend the Senegalese leader, who has continued to contribute to the development strides of The Gambia, as well as his Foreign Minister, Sidiki Kaba, who delivered to our Gambian leader a special message of friendliness and good neighbourliness between his country and ours.  And we wish him and his delegation a safe journey back home.

We hope and pray that words are translated into action.

“Unity creates, disunity destroys.”

The Point