Gambia Scientist Association holds meeting

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Gambia Scientist Association, in collaboration with the New Gambia recently held a meeting at the Welligara Bantaba near the Alkalo Babu Ndurr’s Resident.

 The aim of the meeting was for the association to collaborate with government institutions and NGOs to work together for the development of the nation

Speaking at the ceremony, the National Assembly Member for the Area, Hon. Abdoulie Ceesay, said this was his first time in The Gambia to hear the name of Gambia Scientist Association.

He stated that it was not a surprise to him because there are so many talented youth in the country that have the skills but lack  of support or assistance to enable them utilise those talent.

He said scientists are everything in the world when it comes to technology, adding that without them one could not move from one place to another like going abroad.

According to him, the association is the most powerful association in the country because it stands for the development of the country.

He promised the association that in their collaboration with the government he would do all he could to see that they moved forward.

Hon. Ceesay assured them that The Gambia Government would continue collaborating with them for the development of the New Gambia.

The association president, Suwaibou Jammeh, said the association was not an individual association but for every Gambian who is talented and they could use their talent to come out with an invention that could be developmental for the country.

He said the association was registered as an NGO, adding that they will come up with 20 different projects from 2018 onward.

Author: Yai Dibba
Source: Picture: Gambia Scientist Association president Suwaibou Jammeh