Gambia recognised for leadership on climate change: Minister

Friday, April 26, 2019

The minister of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Lamin Dibba, has said that The Gambia as a developing country is internationally recognised for its leadership on climate change matters.

“Domestically the GoTG has put in place different measures that demonstrate commitment to addressing climate change,” he said.

He pointed out that despite notable achievements in the area of mainstreaming, there is still a need to mainstream climate change into important sector policies in order to ensure the collective action in addressing the impacts of climate change.

With support from the EU and NEMA CHOSSO project under the ministry of Agriculture, the Environment Ministry last week launched the National Climate Change Secretariat, National Climate Change Council and Technical Committees.

The ministry in 2016, developed and validated the Gambia’s National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) aimed at mainstreaming climate change into all development sectors and to improve the coordination of climate change interventions at the policy and implementation levels, whilst building resilience to its impacts across the nation.

The minister said the policy provides comprehensive sectorial strategies and action plans that seek to enhance better coordination of climate change in the country and as well provide opportunities for cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders.

“It is crosscutting policy that applies to all sectors, and its implementation will be made possible through its technical bodies which includes; the National Climate Change Council, the Inter-Ministerial Climate Change, National Climate Committee, Climate Change Secretariat and Network of Climate Change Focal Points,” he named.

He added that the National Climate Change Policy set in place ‘enhanced institutional arrangements’ for effective coordination, mainstreaming of climate as well as a clear policy direction for human resource development, the realisation of these key sectors that are clearly identified in the policy. 

Alpha A.K. Jallow, UN Climate Change Focal Point in The Gambia said that The Gambia has joined other countries in order to adopt resilience to climate change.

Author: Fatou B. Cham