Gambia putting efforts to establish NPMC

Friday, February 16, 2018

Top officials of the Sahelian Pesticides Committee were in the country to help The Gambia establish the National Pesticides Management Committee (NPMC) aimed at effective control and use of pesticides in the country.

The synergy was championed National Environment Agency (NEA).

One of the purposes of the establishment of the committee is to complement the efforts of the Sahelian Pesticides Committee to ensure that all decision are enforced in each member state.

Last week, the NEA organised a daylong national validation stakeholders’ workshop on monitoring of severely hazardous pesticides formulations in The Gambia.

It brought together experts from different sector.

On Monday, during the opening of a two-day interaction with Sahelian Pesticides Committee’s tops officials, Sariayang M.K. Jobarteh, director general of Agriculture, said that agriculture has a mission of increasing crop production because of food security.

He pointed out that strategies have to be put in place to maintain crop production by using all available means.

“Since pesticides and disease cause severe loses, we have to manage them, and the best way to do that is to harness strategies,” he said.

He acknowledged that some pesticides have very serious sight effects on human health and environment, maintaining that the workshop was said that is timely.

He finally thanked Sahelian Pesticides Committee for coming to the Gambia in helping establish this important committee. He also urged all to be active agents in protecting the environment.

Momodou Jama Suwareh, the executive director of NEA, said The Gambia being a typical agricultural country with over 70% of the workforce engaged in agriculture sector, farmers depend on heavy use of pesticides to enhance agricultural production and productivity.

“It is therefore of great importance that the structures are created at national level to assist in the proper management of pesticides to avoid undue exposure by adopting recommended practices and guidelines,” he said.  

Prof. Gmissa Konate, president, Sahelian Pesticide Committee said he was proud to be associated with The Gambia.

He said that it is important that The Gambia has national committee as key decisions are made at Sahelian level, which he said can affect a country without national committee

He advised for the proper use of pesticides, noting that proper use of pesticides is very vital for agriculture and human health.

Omar Bah, the registrar of pesticides, NEA, said it was a necessity for each country to have a national committee, saying all the stakeholders play a significant role in pesticide management, while urging them to be committed.

Author: Momodou Jawo