Gambia Police condemn alleged video of mob justice on social media

Monday, August 28, 2017

It has come to the notice of the office of the Inspector General of Police that a video of mob justice on social media where an alleged thief was seriously beaten and stripped off naked, subjecting him to the highest degree of inhuman treatment, has gone viral.

It is true that the alleged act by the suspect is unlawful, in the same vein, the reaction by the mob is equally unlawful. Therefore, the act is strongly condemned by the Gambia Police Force because it is barbaric, un-religious and totally unacceptable by law.

The Office of the IGP wishes to remind the general public that there is a provision in the law which empowers private citizens to effect arrest if they have the capacity, but must hand over the suspect to the nearest police station for the due processes to be followed.

Since the Government of The Gambia under the new dispensation observes the rule of law in a democratic way, the citizenry are expected to follow suit and avoid taking the law into their own hands.

The office further takes this opportunity to reassure the General Public that the Gambia Police Force under the new democratic dispensation will at all times endeavour to observe the rule of law and protect peoples’ lives and properties among others, since they are part of the primary responsibility of the Police.

Finally the Gambia Police Force regrets and apologizes to the general public for this shameful and disturbing video on social media, that efforts are being made to bring those responsible to justice. 

Source: Picture: IGP Landing Kinteh