Gambia must not be a hub for cannabis smuggling

Friday, June 01, 2018

Drug trafficking particularly cannabis is now gaining momentum, therefore our securities should be more vigilant now than ever.

The drug law enforcement agents in particularly should do all within their limits to making sure that The Gambia does not become a hub for drug trafficking; that The Gambia is a clean country and that drug dealing will not be tolerated here.

However, the security would not be able to achieve their ultimate goal if people in the civil sector are also not playing their roles as good citizens. We have to bear in minds that most of these drugs are targeting our young people who are the lifeblood of our societies. It is our business as citizens and resident of this Smiling Coast to understand that when our youthful population is consumed in the drug business, the chances of our development as a nation would be very slime.

This explains that the responsibility is a collective one and that we all must see the task as ours because it’s our nation after all. We must all understand that a generation whose youths are not healthy would never be developed.

 “We will use all measures necessary in making the country free from drug related issues and Drug Control Act will be enforced to the later without prejudice, fear or favour,” spokesperson of Drug Law Enforcement Agency said.

“Enforced Drug Control Act to the later without prejudice, fear or favour.”
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