‘Gambia more optimistic than most African countries’

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Africans Rising Founder and Chairman, Kumi Naidoo, has described the Gambia as much more in an optimistic position than most African countries at the moment.

Speaking at a meeting held at TANGO last Tuesday, Mr Naidoo added that they need to challenge the culture of silence within civil societies because too many of them close their mouths when they need to speak up.

He said it was pathetic that neighbours do not stand up for neighbours, calling on Africans to rise up above the visions colonialism left with them.

He added that they should not consider boundaries that were drawn by colonialists when a president of one country was going wild.

He called for the need to build the leadership skills of African youth.

Madi Jobateh, Program Manager at TANGO, on his part, stated that Africans are poorer today than they were 50 years ago.

He said now was the right moment for Africans to rise up and reclaim their lives, protect their rights, their sovereignty and ensure Africa’s vast resources are invested back into Africans to make Africa one of the most advanced societies in the world.

KumbaTouray, an Ambassador for Africans Rising declared that they want dignity for every African, adding that they want to give support to Africans who are standing up for themselves in different countries as well as stop mistreatment of Africans, misuse of resources among others.

Africans Rising is a Pan-Africanist movement of people and organisations, working for peace, justice and dignity. It is determined to foster an Africa-wide solidarity and unity of purpose of the People of Africa to build the Future we want – a right to peace, social inclusion and shared prosperity.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: Founder and Chair Africans Rising, Kumi Naidoo