Gambia-Israel to forge partnership in agric, energy

Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Israel ambassador to Senegal who is also overseeing The Gambia has disclosed that his country is interested and capable of partnering with The Gambia in areas of agriculture and energy.

Ambassador Paul Hirschson, who was in the country said in an interview with reporters that there are existing Israel companies that are interested in oil and gas exploration and also in solar energy.

He emphasised that it not the resources that they are interested in investing in The Gambia or in other countries across Africa.

“Israel is a technology country and over 65% of their export is technology and that doesn’t need resources, it need ideas; and what we are looking for in The Gambia and across Africa is economic development to be able to work together in partnership on economic projects where both countries will win.”

In terms of technology, Ambassador Hirschson revealed that there are 100s of Gambians over the years gone to Israel for training but the number is not enough and they are hoping to increase it.

The ambassador recounted a meeting between his prime minister and The Gambia president at ECOWAS Summit held in Monrovia in June last year, recalling that one of the issues that came up in the discussion was the net conversation to bring out the technical research team from Israel to try and identify where and how both countries can work together.

He added that The Gambia does not have an Israel ambassador due to financial constraints, adding that there are 54 countries in Africa but currently there are only 12 embassies in Africa.

“Future base relationship between the two countries is economic partnership since we are looking for investment opportunities as well to meet up with superstars from the soccer academy in which we have heavily involved soccer academic in The Gambia to Israel,” he noted.

On a friendly meeting with the president of The Gambia, the ambassador expressed that he was very happy that the president was aware of it already.

“There are 7 Gambian soccer players playing for Israel clubs and the 3 additional ones who are being shifted into the European league and it’s one of the exciting projects between The Gambia and Israel” he said.

He hoped that they will get more Gambian soccer players getting into serious leagues in Europe and develop The Gambia soccer team.

After imagining from the 22 years of dictatorship, the ambassador deemed it necessary to hear from the present Gambian government to set the agendas for themselves on matters or areas that are more important when it comes to development.

Author: Fatou B. Cham
Source: Picture: Israel ambassador Paul Hirschson