Gambia introduces mobile election app

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission –IEC- has introduced a mobile election application which will allow electorates to have access to any information regarding election results and activities.

The Commission’s information director Joseph Colley yesterday made the revelation of the new application at Paradise Suite Hotel in Senegambia.  “The mobile app will disseminate relevant election information and results and candidate and political party profile. It will add value to the electoral process for people who could not have access to television or radio,” he said.

Mr. Colley highlighted that democracy should be a celebration of someone who is involved in public activities and it requires active citizens because it is through discussion, popular interest and involvement in politics that social and societal goals can be defined and carried out.

“Without public involvement in the process, democracy lacks all its legitimacy and guidance. The past years have witnessed a general degeneration in voter turnout while there is little agreement of what practically constitutes a good level of turnout.”

Marr Njang, Executive Director and founder of Gambia Participates; an organisation that led the development of the application explained that they developed the application in partnership with the Independent Electoral Commission and funded by the International Republican Institute –IRI- through the US Embassy  in Banjul to enlighten people on politics.

 “The only platform that people receive information for election results or activities is the state television or radio stations. We came with the good initiative to help the public to access any information they need from Gambian elections. Sometimes you can be watching television or listening to radio and light will go off, in such events you can have access to information through your mobile App.” 

Author: Pa Modou Cham