Gambia Int’l Fishing Competition wraps up

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Gambia International Fishing Competition was recently concluded in the country as part of diversifying tourism products in the country and promoting it internationally.

The fishing competition, which brought both Gambians and non Gambians together was organised by the Gambia Tourism Board, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Speaking to journalists at the official closing ceremony, Momodou Bah, director of Licenses and Quality Control at the Gambia Tourism Board, said the results of this year’s competition was very good as expectations were also high.

Bah added that as the head of the organization team of the fishing competition, he was quite happy as the competition had successfully ended.

“We organized it and coordinated everything. Irrespective of the challenges that we had, we were able to overcome everything and make everybody feel happy,” he said.

 It was a big achievement, he said, adding that the prizes were very attractive and the anglers were also very pleased with the outcome.

He disclosed that Gambia International Airline has sponsored two anglers as both of them won prizes, saying that one of them won 1000 pounds.

Fatou Beyai, director of Product Development, Investment and Culture, said The Gambia was trying to diversify the tourism product for the tourists.

She said diversifying the product would give them the opportunity to experience different activities within the country, adding that fishing was one big product that is known worldwide and The Gambia has abundance of fish.

Author: Njie Baldeh