Gambia has investment opportunities for potential investors in Nigeria

Friday, August 30, 2019

As tourism stakeholders in Destination Gambia warm up to attend the 14th edition of this year’s African Travel Market (AFTM) popularly known as AKWAABA in Lagos, Nigeria, scheduled for 22th to 24th September, The Gambia Tourism Board director general has expressed their readiness to sell The Gambia to potential investors that are willing to invest in the Smiling Coast of Africa.

Speaking to the Nigerian Flight Deck (NFD) – a travel and business reportage online newspaper, The Gambia Tourism Board’s director general, Abdoulie Hydara, tagged Nigeria as a very important market for Gambian tourism, saying it’s one of the reasons Gambians attend every edition of the annual AFTM travel and tour trade fair.

He also dilated on Nigeria’s close proximity to The Gambia, giving them the opportunity to penetrate fully in their market.

As part of their activities in the upcoming African Travel Market edition, The Gambia team which will be led by Abdoulie Hydara will attend some line-up meetings to showcase what Destination Gambia has to offer to Nigerians. The director general added that “with the importance the GTBoard attaches to Nigeria’s market, the GTBoard will appoint a Destination Manager to represent the country to promote and market Destination Gambia in Nigeria in particular that; “The Gambia has lots of investment opportunities to offer potential investors in Nigeria and the need to sell this among people in Nigeria.”

Adama Njie, director of Marketing at The Gambia Tourism Board, said The Gambia is an ideal place for Nigerians without jetlag as it is “just four-hour flights from Nigeria to the destination, Smiling Coast of Africa.”

He noted that the facilities available in The Gambia are in line with what most Nigerian travellers want in a country, which include top class hotels/accommodations, unbeatable gastronomy, malls, different places of attractions and Gambian undiluted cultures among others.

Author: Yunus S Saliu