Gambia For 5 Years holds press conference

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Gambia for Five Years and Peace Building last Saturday held a press conference under the theme “Maintaining peace and stability with all inclusive” the event took place at Semega Janneh Hall.

Gambia for Five Years and Peace Building is a charitable civil society organisation comprised of development groups across the country which seeks to advocate and sensitize Gambians on the importance of peace and stability in the country and its emerging threat, as such it strives to avert the anticipated threat of “three years jotna” activity which is expected to spark in December.

The organisation seek to enhance a political-stakeholders and civil society dialogue which will include negotiation to prevail on President Adama Barrow and the respective political parties which comprise the coalition to embark on a nationwide sensitisation and dialogue on the difference of the three and five years Presidential transitional mandate.

Secretary General of the organisation, Ebrima Sorrie Bah, said the organisation campaigns for the maintenance and nurturing of peace and urged disgruntled Gambians to accord with the five years mandate because it is the “constitutionally outlined” Presidential mandate.He added that Gambians should always refer to the constitution whenever there is controversy “Our term of reference should be the Gambian constitution which stipulates that an elected President shall serve a term of five years, therefore if the three years and the five years is controversial as it is controversial  we should take refuge behind the Gambian constitution”

Guest Speaker of the event, Momodou Sabally, said there was a time in December 2016 when hearts and minds were united over one thing which is peace,  the country is undergoing a difficult transitional period with some wounds still fresh. He said the contention should be resolved through dialogue, adding that there is no room for conflict in the country.

Regional Advisor, Abubacarr Krubally stated that tourism is always at its peak in December, thus generating revenue for the country. Therefore whoever causes disorder at this time does not love the country. He further urged disgruntled Gambians to give way to negotiation because it is the only resolution to conflict.

Author: Moses Emmanuel Mendy