Gambia For 5 Years denounces ‘illegal protest’ in December

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Upper River Region communities and members of Gambia For Five Years and Peace building have denounced and disregarded any form of what they referred to as illegal protest or assemble in December to forcefully call on President Adama Barrow to step down. The president was democratically elected to serve a five years mandate as dictated by the constitution.

The comments were made at the Basse Youth Center on Sunday after a solidarity march pass from Koba  Kunda Primary School to the Basse Youth Center. It was organised by The Gambia for Five Years and Peace building.

Reading the declaration statement, Alagie A.F. Jallow, regional secretary for Gambia for Five Years and Peace building explained that the people of URR have recognised the importance of promoting The Gambia for Five Years and Peace building, saying that the importance of maintaining and nurturing peace and stability cannot be over emphasised, as peace is a fundamental concept to life and progress.

Jallow pointed out the difference between three and five years, arguing it was not a justifiable reason to plunge the nation into chaos and anarchy. He noted that the consolidation of the new found democracy is our forever dicer, while highlighting that the country is governed by laws and not agreements.

He called on Gambians to resolve to safe guard and abide by the 1997 constitution, which is clearly in an entrenched clause – that an elected president will serve a term of five years, therefore, the 2016 coalition political parties’ agreement cannot supersede the supreme law of The Gambia.

Jallow further stated that the consequences and negative impacts of civil strife and violence experienced in other parts of Africa should be a lesson to learn from. It will be unwise as well in their timing as December is the peak of the country’s tourists’ season. He added that tourists’ season requires no distraction and threats. “The Gambia’s economy deserves peace, stability, honesty and accountability to grow,” he concluded.

Founder and national sectary general of The Gambia for Five Years and Peace building, Naffisatou Sonko, said the organisation has nothing to do with President Adama Barrow, noting that their mandate is to see that peace and stability prevails in The Gambia as well as citizens to respect the supreme law of the country.

According to Treasurer Kaddy Sanyang, they obtained funds through donations and individual contributions, International organisations, noting that President Barrow did not provide any financial support for them.