Gambia ECOWAS parliamentarians conduct border sensitisation

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Gambia’s National Assembly members who are in the West African bloc, ECOWAS Parliament Monday sensitized Gambians and Senegalese on the regional grouping’s protocol on free movement of people and goods. Funded by the Ecowas parliament, the sensitisation was held at the Farafenni-Kerr Ayid border.

North Bank Region governor Ebrima K. Dampha said the signing of the Ecowas protocol was one of the most essential actions in terms of free movement of people and their goods.

Kebba K. Barrow, head of the parliamentarians’ delegation and National Assembly Member of Kombo South said the Ecowas protocol is one of the leading protocols that was signed and ratified by Gambia’s National Assembly.

He declared that the protocol on free movement of people and their goods is one of the first protocols that were ratified by the 15 ECOWAS member states, saying it is also a cardinal point in the integration of citizens of the ECOWAS community.

He held that the protocol also creates employment and industrial development that can be upgraded but said it has been forgotten and not widely publicized. “It is important to us as members of ECOWAS parliament that we are leading the way to be the mouthpiece of the ECOWAS Head of States so that the protocol can be publicised.” 

Author: Njie Baldeh