Gambia cries for ‘transformational leadership’ - UTG lecturer

Monday, September 18, 2017

A senior political science lecturer at the University of The Gambia (UTG) has said that The Gambia is ‘crying for a transformational leadership’ to superintend the growth and development of the country.

“Transformational leadership is a critical factor for growth and development of The Gambia and Africa as a whole,” Dr. Ismaila Ceesay said on Saturday at the launch of The Legacy foundation’s new project, dubbed ‘Leadership Clinic.’

Held at the American Corner in the Comium building along Kairaba Avenue, the launching ceremony was attended by professionals, academics and students.

“Nowhere on this earth is a country’s development entirely dependent on handout from the West,” he said, adding that it is high time The Gambia government rethinks and sets priorities for depending on the available natural resources for the country’s development.

He said leadership is not only a problem, but also a moral issue in both The Gambia and Africa.

The Gambian society needs a new, but critical crop of political and cultural leaders and the clinic is hoped to champion that aspects.

“I hope that the launching of the ‘Leadership clinic’ by The Legacy foundation will instill good values that a leader needs,” the political science lecturer said.

Prof. Pierre Gomez, dean of UTG School of Arts and Sciences, speaking on the topic ‘Leadership skills for the youth’, said that true citizenship requires commitment to common good and active participation in public affairs.

As citizens, he said, “we are duty bound to participate in issues happening in our environment.”

For any effective leadership, integration is very crucial for the smoothening of the ruling of the followers, Prof. Gomez argued.

“Leadership is not just a word, but rather qualities to optimise potentials of the various followership,” the professor told the audience.

In his statement of solidarity at the event, Famara Fofana, executive director of Aspire Communication Firm, expressed gratitude at the initiative undertaken by The Legacy foundation.

The seasoned journalist and creative writer said there cannot be any meaningful development or proper governance system without journalism.

He advised the teeming number of youngsters who are eager to join the journalism trade to seek admission at the University of The Gambia School of Journalism and the Gambia Press Union School of Journalism in order to hone their journalistic skills.

“New wave of citizen journalism is a great aspect looking into the recent changes being effected in The Gambia.  However, it’s of paramount importance for citizen journalists to endeavour to follow ethical principles of divulging information to public space,” Mr. Fofana said.

He also called on youth to always embrace reading as a critical component for both personal and societal advancement.

Also speaking at the occasion, Momodou Sabally, founder of Sabally Leadership Academy, said student unions and youth groups are the suitable clinics for proper leadership honing.

“We need a new crop of leaders who will come to light the lamp in this turbulent globalised world,” he said, adding that social media should be a source of light rather than hatred against one another. 

Author: Yaya B. Baldeh
Source: Picture: Dr. Ismaila Ceesay of UTG (first from left) with other members of the high table at the launch of the Leader Clinic