Gambia commemorates World Rabies Day

Monday, September 30, 2019

Department of Livestock Services (DLS), under the Ministry of Agriculture, over the weekend joined the rest of the World in commemorating World Rabies Day, at DLS lab in Abuko, on the theme: Rabies; Vaccinate to eliminate.

Momodou Mbye Jabang, Permanent Secretary 2 of the Ministry of Agriculture said World Rabies Day is commemorated every 28th September. He said Gambia commemorates the event alongside the launch of a free vaccination campaign.

He said their relationship with partners will go a long way in completing their national target of a Rabies free Gambia.

Mr. Jabang said the Ministry of Agriculture, through its technical department responsible for veterinary services is committed to the global strategic plan to prevent human deaths from dog-transmitted Rabies by 2030.

According to him, Rabies is one of the deadliest zoonosis in the world with an estimated 59,000 human deaths each year globally. He said this means that one person dies every 9 minutes from Rabies, most of whom are children from rural areas all over the world, including The Gambia.

He added that more than 95% of human cases of Rabies is due to a bite from an infected dog, but said the diseases is 100% preventable and bite from infected dogs is responsible for almost all of it.

“We can prevent Rabies deaths through vaccinating 70% of the dogs in The Gambia, intensify our awareness campaign and provide the life- saving Post Exposure Prophylaxis  (PEP) post -bite for people.”

Director General of the Department of Livestock Services, Dr. Abdou Ceesay stressed on the importance of the day, saying it marks the action to control Rabies, worldwide. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb