Gambia Chartered Accountants Signs MoU with ICAN

Friday, May 18, 2018

Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (GICA) and Nigeria’s Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding that will facilitate ICAN’s assistance to GICA on technical matters in the accounting profession in The Gambia.

Officials say the MoU would go a long way in strengthening and improving GICA efforts in achieving its mandate as outlined in the Parliament 2013 financial reporting Act.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at GICA office along Kairaba Avenue, vice president Baboucarr Khan said ICAN is the leading and largest professional accounting body in the whole of Africa in terms of membership.  He said the institute is a founding member of the International Federation of Accounting, the Pan-African Federation of Accounting and the Association of Accountancy Bodies of West Africa.

He said GICA’s partnership and relationship with ICAN would provide a platform where they will strive to reach the level and recognition that ICAN earned itself throughout the world. “Content of the MoU will certainly give us the platform to achieve all these activities.

 In the MoU, ICAN will help GICA to develop and have a proper secretariat that will be equipped to provide members the services they deserve.

Geoffrey Renner, former GICA president reminded fellow accountants that whatever they do must be based on sustainability, saying ICAN has a very clear mandate.

Margaret Unubun, ABWA executive secretary said the Association was conceived by ICAN, saying the whole idea is to bring accountancy in West Africa together to have a uniform voice globally.

According to her, the main objective of ABWA is to strengthen the accountancy profession in west Africa and to ensure that accountancies are of world class nature with globally acceptable ethics, integrity, honesty and truth.

Alhagi Ismaila Zakari, ICAN President said it is a strategic policy of the council of the institute to collaborate and establish strong cordial relationship with high profile institutions including governments, professional accounting organizations, embassies and diplomatic missions as well as tertiary institutions in Nigeria and around the world.

He stated that a strong relationship   between GICA and ICAN is not only beneficial to the two institutes but also to their countries. “ICAN is here today because they want to further our cooperation to promote and strengthen accountancy profession through joint initiative, monitoring and supporting GICA and also to build a strong working relationship so that we can work together on areas of mutual interest.”


Author: Isatou Senghore-Njie