Gambia celebrates World Teachers Day

Monday, October 15, 2018

(Wednesday 10th October, 2018 Issue)

The Gambia has joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Teachers Day on the theme: Right to education means right to qualified teachers. The celebration was held last Friday at a hotel in Kololi.

Gambia Teachers’ Union president Martin Gomez underscored the role of teachers in the development of any country. He said teachers are an important means of transmitting education and without them, the goal of universal primary and secondary education which, is a fundamental human right, cannot be achieved.

According to him, right to education has been internationally recognized as an overreaching right, pointing out that it is a human right in itself and indispensable to the exercise of human rights.

Gomez noted that the theme was chosen to remind the global community that the right to education cannot be achieved without the right to train and qualified teachers.Guest speaker Ajaratou Adele Sosseh said it is unfair to students to employ teachers without undergoing a national minimum standard of training.

 She said it is not easy to deal with students’ social and behavioral problems and to communicate to them from diverse backgrounds, individuals, interests and abilities.

Author: Fatou B Ceesay and Fatou O Barrow