Gam-Jam Festival onstage on Friday

Friday, April 12, 2019

Gam-Jam festival was the music platform last Friday which uplifted  the face of Gambian entertainment onstage at the Brikama Boxba.

Organized by Sunu Entertainment Gambia band, the show featured artistes of Chronik Bobb, Jacob, Maka D Don, Lady Lina, Prince Lion, KS, Styll Adict, Slim Daddy & Daddy Lempa, Praisy, Eric Boy, Lizzy Da Hardest, Akipunture, Larry King, Nat Eazy, Marka B, Neuron, SD, P Swit, Spanky Iba, Ya Majesty, BB D Doctor, Del Bee T, Bob Billion and Musa Filly Jobarteh.

Guest artistes were ST, Royal Messenger, T. Smallz, Nobles, A2, Jizzle, Miss Jobiz, ENC, Attack, CihuYaffa, Hussain & Chanta and Barahama be back by Dj Mighty Diamond Boom Sound German, Selecter Bekuza, Dj Mighty Rozay and Selecter Ous K.

Producer Gibril Janko, alias Stylzz Di explained that Gam Jam is a channel instituted by Sunu Entertainment Gambia to celebrate, appreciate, and uplift the face of Gambian entertainment and to change her phase to the betterment.

“Sunu Entertainment Gambia, has planned on live shows and other supportive forums to expose Gambian talents both nationally and internationally. To commend and appreciate Gambian artiste, promoters and producers by staging a well recognised and highly respected awarding show,”

He urged all music lovers to come and graced the concerts, while assuring for a maximum entertainment during the night.