Gam-Housing company invests in people

Friday, April 20, 2018

As part of their corporate social responsibility to the socio-economic growth of The Gambia, chief executive of Gam-Housing Real Estate says they have made a lot of investment in supporting people and promotion of culture and entertainment.

In an interview with The Point on Wednesday, Lamin Mboge, managing director of the real estate agency said they are the first company that was able to sell plots below D40, 000 in the country and currently they are running a special promotion of plot selling at Manduarr.

“We are currently having between 40 to 50 staff and the figures may go up because as we expand, we keep increasing the staff base just to make sure we deliver the right services to our customers and in time.”

Mr. Mbodge said they are the first company to give plots of land to wrestlers, saying they did that because they consider wrestling as a cultural sport. “We also support the music industry. To be an estate agency manager is one of the most challenging.”

Author: Njie Baldeh