Galaxy entertainment vows to silence other Gambian comedies

Friday, December 14, 2018

Galaxy entertainment, Banjul base comedians have vows to silence so-called comedians who have no funny sign in their body and claimed to be the best comedians in town.

These were revealed in an interview with the point newspaper on Tuesday 12th November, 2018 in Banjul.

One of the comedians in the group, Sering Jagne explained that now Gambians are going in for comedy shorts but they have to know the angling and other technics involves.

He added they are young people residing in the city of Banjul, adding that Banjulians are the most talented in the history of their country. He said they will silence other comedians by removing the most watch short titled ‘Banjul-Bathurst’.

However, he said all they need is support to reach the world’s most recommended comedians. “We are doing our best to make our people happy but the work is too hard. We sometimes frustrate because lack of support from our own people. Nothing has been budgeted for the young people are doing their best in making people happy through comedy shorts and stage performances.”

Babou Sarr and Pa Alieu Secka also expressed the need to support our own Gambian comedians, saying “all we have is our own thing and we should value what we have rather than publicizing foreign things. We all aware that no country can develop without the contribution of the young people and the youth can contribute without the support of our own people,” they said.

Author: Njie Baldeh