GAF fires 3 soldiers

Monday, August 13, 2018

The spokesperson of The Gambia Armed Force (GAF), Lt. Malick Sanyang, has confirmed to The Point the dismissal of at least 3 military officers in connection with drug trafficking.

The dismissed soldiers: Staff Sergeant Karafa Bojang, Lance Corporal Sanna Jatta and Class One Lamin Jatta all at Yundum Military Barracks have been dismissed from the GAF and handed over to Drug Law Enforcement Agency The Gambia (DLEAG)

The GAF spokesperson who was speaking to The Point in an exclusive interview said both soldiers have been on detention at Yundum Military Police since July 17, 2018, after they were nabbed by the narcotic officers.

Class One Jatta, he added, was dismissed from the GAF on the August 8, 2018, while Karafa Bojang and Sanna Jatta were both dismissed on August 3, 2018.

PRO Sanyang said the GAF high command has zero tolerance policies on drug related matters. Therefore, anyone, he says found in possession of drug will be dealt with accordingly.

“The GAF is governed by two laws that are the military law and the civil law. If you are caught with drug or any other related matter that is against the laws of the country, you will be dismissed and handed over to the relevant authorities.”

Author: Momodou Jawo