GAF Coach reveals lack of motivation bombed title triumph ambition

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ebou Jarra, head coach of Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) team has blamed their failure of maintaining their Gambia Football Federation (GFF) First Division League title to lack of motivation from Gambia Armed Forces board.

The Tallinding-based coach, who was signed by the GAF team after guiding Tallinding United to The Gambia Premier league three seasons ago, have won two titles (League and FA cup) for the Soldiers in his three years sting.

Jarra guided GAF to the league title during his first season in charge of the club before winning them the FA cup last season.

He said they need to sit down as a club and look at so many aspects of football, adding that they need to discuss so many things that did not go right within the Gambia Armed Forces.

“If the club is ambitious to move forward, the board and everyone involve needs to come through the chatting and support the players. The team lack motivation and support compared to my first season in charge of the club,” he said.

According to him, it tells a lot when both the fans and the board come out to support a team, adding that this is what Brikama United has which made them successful this season.

“If you look at Brikama United, their fans came out in thousands to support and cheer the team which is very important for a team. When I took over the club (GAF), we had the Army band and most of the soldiers coming to support the team and if things are not in place, you cannot put things in boxes when they are not fit,” said Coach Jarra.

He expressed delight for transforming the Gambia Armed Forces team three years ago, adding that GAF wanted him to finish the season 1st, 2nd or 3rd position and he finished the season within those positions. “We played nearly 80 matches with maybe less than 10 defeats since I took over the club. This is a massive record which is why I said if anybody wants to contest they should check the records.”

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara