GADHOH female wing committed to empowering members

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Female wing of The Gambia Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing say they are committed to empowering their members to venture in entrepreneurship during the opening of a restaurant and launching of a lineage at the school’s ground in Kanifing.

Isatou Sanyang, an activist and advocate of people with disability said GADHOH female wing is empowered by women to help children especially physically challenged ones to develop skills in shoe making, sewing and other areas.  “Children are our future leaders and therefore we should assist them to become better people,” she said.

She appealed to the government and the public to support the physically disabled people, adding that anyone could become disable either through accident or illness. “Humanity should be respected. We are all equal and no one is better than the other.” 

Representing the director of GADHOH, Lamin Ceesay said deaf women in The Gambia have faced lots of challenges and the system remains the same after several advocacy and sensitisations.

He said their goals are yet to be achieved because policies are only concentrating on other issues and not the issue of the physically challenged. “There should be changes in the policies that would help the disable to be inclusive.”

Adelaide Sosseh said empowering children with special needs is some of the good things GADHOH does as an organization.

 She said physically challenged people are already empowered within and what they need now is to be helped and supported which will give them the necessary skills and knowledge to become self-reliant.

She added that one of the sustainable development goals is leading an inclusive sustainable society and children, men and women with disabilities are not being inclusive. “We must be able to provide a comfortable environment for them if we want them to be inclusive. Let’s make our environment and schools disable friendly and give them the chance to prove themselves.”

Author: Fatou Bojang