Fulbe Africa holds 2nd conference

Friday, August 09, 2019

(Thursday 8 August 2019 Issue)

Fulbe Africa, an association of the Fula tribe in The Gambia, recently held their second conference on Peacebuilding, culture and language at Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi, on the theme: The role of our culture and language in ensuring sustainable peace in our country.

President of the Association, Ousman Sowe  emphasised the need for the preservation of culture and language.

He said, they encountered several challenges to have the gathering because some of them did not understand the importance of culture and language.

Momodou P Bah, who spoke about the importance of peaceful coexistence in a multicultural society, said elders used to teach the children about their culture and language but tribal problems started to occur when politics came in to existence.

Seedy Dem, who spoke on the role of the Fulbe society in culture and language preservation in The Gambia, said Gambians should live as one people, saying it is only togetherness that can take the country forward.

Secretary General of The Gambians Writers Association, Momodou Lamin Sowe, who spoke on the role of culture in peacebuilding and the importance of culture in modern societies, explained how important culture is in peace building.

The Fulbe Africa Association is a non-political and non-profit youth-led charitable organisation registered in The Gambia since 2014. The Association aims to preserve, develop and promote the Fulbe culture and language, foster unity and understanding amongst the various Fulbe dialects and promote peaceful co-existence between Fulbe and other tribes. The association also raises awareness on harmful cultural and traditional practices and beliefs through sensitisations and other programmes. 

Author: Sanna Jallow