FTJ: Barrow met APRC executive on 2 occasions

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The leader of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), Fabakary Tombong Jatta said he met President Barrow with his team and they were happy with the welcome accorded them by The Gambian head of state.

Jatta was speaking at a recent press conference held at APRC bureau in Manjai.

Responding to a question that if it was actually true that he met the Gambian leader, Jatta replied that he met Barrow twice since he came into office, the latest of which was two weeks ago.

“I have met with Barrow twice or three times I think. When Barrow came in office I met Barrow, yes about two weeks I met Barrow with some of my executive members.” he stated.

“And we would say during these meetings; Barrow welcomed us and we were happy that it was comradely, friendly, everything was nice”.

He continued: “But we know Barrow is coalition, Fabakary and his group is APRC, we have no problems in meeting with people that does not change colour. You run away from people it does not make it; so why don’t you dialogue.”

FTJ as he is fondly called said they had a dialogue about issues that they feel the need for the government to make clarifications while the government also asked them of issues of concern.

The former majority leader and member for Serrekunda East acknowledged that it is important for this government to learn from the mistakes the previous government made while they were in office and they will learn from the past mistakes of the opposition. He said they are an opposition with difference.

“APRC is an opposition party with a difference; Barrow is the president of The Republic of The Gambia and the president of all Gambians. We reserve the right to meet him and tell him our opinion of matters that affect us”

Most ordinary Gambians maybe bewildered with the idea of an opposition leader sharing a meal with the president, this is perhaps due to the phobia of iron rule they experienced in the past two decades, but there is always a need for dialogue as FTJ said.

“To say we are not in the coalition and we are not going there, you will be the one to suffer because he is the president. They are in government, we are citizens, we are a political party, we will meet anybody and dialogue with you, that’s what we believe,” he added.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko