Fruit, other commodities price on the rise at TDA

Monday, October 22, 2018

As the tourist season commences in The Gambia, prices of fruits and other commodities keep rising daily at the Tourism Development Area (TDA) with fruit sellers taking advantage of the season as one “Kaba” known aka Senegal saba in English now costs 175 dalasi, talk less of other commodities.

The Point Tourism and Entertainment reporter went round at the TDA to conduct some interviews with some fruit sellers within the industry.

A fruit seller Kumba Jaiteh said the fruits they sell at the TDA are far too costly and they buy them from Casamance. “This is the reason why the prices have to be increased.”

Fruits like Kaba can be collected from Gambian forests and one can be sold for as low as five dalasis for bigger ones. Ten years ago, these fruit were available in abundance while people didn’t attach much need to them.

 Ms. Jaiteh said they were hoping that this year’s tourist season would be a different one compared to the previous years. “We are expecting many tourists from different countries,” she said.

According to her, businesses thrive very low during off-season compared to the main season when they would sell more.

But another seller Saffiatou Boye told this reporter that there are prospects in this year’s tourist season, saying it is promising that they will make more sales.

Author: Njie Baldeh