FREWE, Vitamin Angels conduct training on VAS-D Administration

Friday, January 05, 2018

Foundation for Rural Education, Wildlife and Environment (FREWE), a charitable organisation, in collaboration with Vitamin Angels, a United States based non-governmental organisation, recently organised a two-day training on the administration of Vitamin A Supplements and De-worming for children under the age of five.

The training was conducted for thirty categories of beneficiaries which included health workers, students and volunteers.

According to William Adetona, the Executive Director of Foundation for Rural Education, Wildlife and Environment, the essence of the training was to make the knowledge of the administration of Vitamin A supplements and De-worming generally accessible to the population.

 He disclosed that the training covered aspects such as community education, side effects, eligibility criteria for children, record keeping and exit counseling.

He further stated that the organisation is the field partner of Vitamin Angels in The Gambia, and the purpose is to complement government’s efforts by bringing healthcare mainly to underserved parts of the country.

He further disclosed that since 2004, the organisation has intervened in the areas of healthcare delivery, education and youth empowerment in the country.

Ms. Joygrace Muthoni, Vitamin Angels Regional Training Consultant, commended the beneficiaries for their hard work in practising with the materials sent to them before the resumption of assessment.

She stated that Vitamin Angels works in 196 countries around the world mainly through their Field Partners.

According to her, it was necessary to provide regular training for officers and volunteers of their Field Partners around the world so that the application of these drugs to children would be done according to World Health Organisation standards.

 She believed that working with a Field Partner such as Foundation for Rural Education, Wildlife and Environment, an organisation that has an enviable track record in healthcare delivery and other philanthropic activities provides Vitamin Angels with a unique opportunity to fulfill its objectives in The Gambia.

At the end of the training, 25 beneficiaries received certificates of competency while 5 received certificates of participation.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh