“France will not participate in Gambia Wrestling Promoters Association events’’

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Renowned Gambian wrestler France of Banjul Saku Ham Ham Club will not participate in the 2019-2020 Gambia wrestling Promoters Association wrestling events after using negative comments against the Association on Afri Radio, Alagie Morr Jobe, chief executive officer Ala Promotion said.

Mr. Jobe expressed disappointment with France’s comments against Gambia Wrestling promoters Association on Afri radio, saying the Association is serious with their decision. “We have the right to stop him from participating in the event,” Jobe said.

He said France and his colleagues beat referee and fans during a wrestling contest at the Serrekunda West Mini Stadium in 2016 and was taken to police. “We single handedly bankrolled our events without sponsorship and we wouldn’t allow one wrestler to destroy our efforts,” he said.

Author: Fatoumatta Komma