Foundation stone of D1.5M Genieri water project laid

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The implementation phase of a historic community-driven project, finance to the tune of 1.5 million Dalasi has commenced in Genieri in Lower River Region Kiang East District.

Over 100 people in the village and other natives residing in the Kombos attended the laying of the foundation stone in Genieri on Saturday.  The Project will drill and install a community borehole which will strategically provide 20 street taps fairly distributed and easily accessible to all households within the community.

G-WASH is a community-designed, self-funded, demand responsive, and people-centered Project. Another significant milestone of the project is that the contract has been awarded to Sky Light Electricity & Water Management Company, owned by Alkali Marong, a native of the Genieri, who is currently leading the community in completing phase 1 of the project.

Addressing the gathering, Nfamara (Numo) Sanneh, the VDC chairman said; “The goal of the project is to promote rural development and enhance community health and individual wellbeing through water, sanitation, and hygiene improvement.”

He said a community-driven project of this magnitude has never been designed and implemented in the history of Genieri, couple of village elders eulogized. We are grateful and appreciative of such a meaningful development project; the project if successfully completed will not only improve access to drinking water but will eradicate the difficulties we (women) and girls undergo through in fetching water, over 25 women added their voices.

Majar S. Sanyang, spokesperson of the village Finance Committee and a native based in the United States said that, out of the total project cost of 1.5 million dalasi, the community has already accumulated 1 million Dalasi.  “The natives of the village residing in the Diaspora paid at least D2000 to D30, 000 per person while those village natives in The Gambia contributed at least D100 to D2000 each,” he added. 

The spokesperson of the village Water Project Committee, Nfamara K Dampha accentuated that the amount raised by the community will successfully complete phase 1 & 2 of the project. He therefore calls on the Barrow Administration through the Department of Water Resources, the UN Agencies, the Diplomatic Community, the Private Sector and all other rural development donors to complement the community’s efforts by providing the remaining project budget of (D500, 000) to complete phase 3 of the project.

Mr. Dampha, added that the aims and objectives of G-WASH Project included but not limited to; providing safe and affordable drinking water supply in the community, enhancing access and reducing time spent by women and girls on fetching water, as well as reducing imminent threats and risks associated with fetching water from local hand-pumps afar at night.

Genieri has an estimated population of 1200 inhabitants, over 60% of which are women,70% in their youthful age, 30% living in the Kombos and nearly 15% are currently residing in Europe, the UK, and the US. Genieri is widely known for; its historical heroic legacy against Foday Kaba Dumbuyaa (a Muslim Jihadist),  its fresh fish reservoir, its alluring cultural festival, and its hospitable environment as an eco-and-community tourist destination for The Gambia. The village is equally endowed with a rich, captivating and fascinating culture which is bonded and strengthened by its high social capital.