Former NAM, military personnel appear before commission

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Borry Colley, former National Assembly Member for Foni Jarrol, and two military personnel, yesterday appeared before the Commission of Inquiry that looks into the assets and financial transactions of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Testifying before the commission earlier, Borry Colley said that he was a deputy chief of protocol at State House and that he was expelled from the APRC party and automatically lost his seat.

He stated that he is now unemployed.

Mr. Colley adduced that he was aiding the former president for his activities.

At this juncture, he was given a document showing transaction of €100,000, and he said that the signature on the document was his and that of his ID card.

He confirmed that he had received €100,000 under the direction of the former president.

He further posited that whilst on duty on 28 October 2015, the former president called him into his office and asked him to go to the Central Bank to receive the said money.

He stated that he was told by the officials of the Central Bank that before he received the money he should sign a document, adding that he signed and the money was given to him, and that he had handed it over to the former president who verbally instructed him to receive the said money.

Mr. Colley stated that he did not sign anything for the former president, adding that it was between him and God that he had given the money to the former president.

Next to testify was Edward Mendy, who said he works for the State Intelligence Service at State House.

He was shown a document to confirm whether the signature and the ID card on it were his, to which he confirmed in the positive.

Mr. Mendy adduced that he received $300,000 and that General Saul Badjie had sent him to the Central Bank to receive the money.

He further testified that he received the money and handed it over to General Badjie, who did not tell him anything about the purpose of the money.

Nuha William Jammeh, another witness, told the commission that he works in the military and he is a lieutenant, adding that he started serving the military in 2006, and that he is at the moment pursuing a bachelor’s degree course at the UTG.

He stated that in 2014, he was a commander at the State Guard, further stating that he used to do some transactions on behalf of the former president.

At this juncture, he was shown some documents involving the following amounts of money: $600,000, $500,000, D21,000,000, $1,000,000, $1,000,000, D21,000,000, $500,000, $250,000 and $200,000.

He confirmed that he received and signed for the sums of money, adding that he was directed by General Badjie to go to the Central Bank to receive the said amounts.

Mr. Jammeh posited that the governor of the bank had granted him clearance to receive the sums of money.

He testified that he then took the monies to General Badjie, further stating that he did not sign anything to show that he handed over the money to General Badjie, but he said Yankuba Badjie was present on one occasion when he handed over $600,000 to General Badjie.

Lieutenant Colonel Momodou Lamin Mendy testified that he has been a lieutenant for 3 years and was stationed at State House since July 1994, and that he was a member of the State Guard.

He was at this juncture shown a document, saying the signature on it was his for the receipt of $100,000.

He adduced that it was General Badjie who sent him to receive the money from the Central Bank and gave it to him.

Mr. Mendy stated that he met one Mr. Corr, and he signed for the receipt of the money, adding that General Badjie did not sign anything to show that he had received the money from him.

He said that he did not know whether General Badjie handed over the said money to the former president, neither did he know whether the former president was aware of the receipt of the money by General Badjie.

He posited that he had the belief that he was receiving the money on behalf of the former president, although General Badjie did not tell him that the money was for the former president.

He testified that he did not query that he was not directed by the former president to receive the said money.

Author: Dawda Faye