Former Bar Association president testifies before Janneh Commission

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Lawyer Loubna Farage, a private legal practitioner and one time president of The Gambia Bar Association was summoned by the Janneh Commission yesterday in her capacity as the secretary of Gam Petroleum Storage Facility.

She was summoned to shed light on Gam Petroleum Storage Facility as well as the company itself.

Testifying before the commission, she said she never had the original copies of the company and incorporated certificate but rather she had some of the documents of the company.

Lawyer Farage, however, stated that she would tender the documents she had but objected to produce the documents that were in the custody of the company.

She was told that she would be given time to produce the documents and she said they were not in her possession. However, she said she had to seek the permission of the company to produce the documents, further stating that she had the shares certificate of the shareholders of Gam Petroleum Storage Facility.

She added that the shareholders were Amadou Samba, Mr. Bazzi, Mr. Mazegi, GPA, GNPC and SSHFC. She said Gam Petroleum is an offshore company which used to have shares in the Gam Petroleum Company. According to her, she was not the lawyer who incorporated the company, further stating that in 2008, Gam Petroleum was restructured and that was when the said company was incorporated.

According to Barrister Farage, in 2009, Mr. Bazzi and Mr. Samba transferred shares to the Gam Petroleum, as Bazzi owns 99% share while Mr. Samba owns 1% in the Gam Petroleum Storage Facility Company; adding that she did not have documents authorising the closure of Gam Petroleum Ltd. She said the resolution of Gam Petroleum Storage Facility was in her custody and there were share transfers from Mr. Mazegi to Mr. Samba and from Mr. Bazzi to SSHFC.

The witness further testified that there was a resolution of transfer and cancellation of shares, and that Gam Petroleum Storage Facility Company was incorporated since 2003.

At that juncture, Memorandum and Articles of Association of Gam Petroleum Storage Facility, resolutions, share certificates, 2017 annual returns as well as documents relating to Gam Petroleum Company Ltd were admitted as exhibits. However, the witness disclosed that there was no resolution for the transfer of shares, but Counsel Bensouda put it to her that she was expected to produce the resolution of 2008 and 2009 among others.

Sittings continue today. 

Author: Dawda Faye
Source: Picture:Lawyer Loubna Farage