Former APRC lawmaker Demba Dem claims he gets kidney problem from torture

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Demba Dem, former APRC candidate and member of National Assembly for Niani Constituency lamented that he is suffering from kidney malfunction as a result of the beatings and torture meted on him by members of Yahya Jammeh’s hit squad (jungglers).

Demba Dem made this revelation yesterday whilst continuing his testimony through Skype before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), chaired by Dr. Lamin J. Sise.

Demba Dem who claimed he was implicated, arrested and detained in the alleged March 2006 coup because he was opposed to supporting the illegality of Yahya Jammeh’s government said he has kidney problem.

He disclosed that he was given a serious kick at the NIA by one Ismaila Jammeh, a member of the jungglers during an interrogation over the alleged 2006 coup.

He said whilst at NIA conference room with the panel of investigation team, he had denied allegations of his alleged involvement in the coup. He added Alagie Martin got up from his chair, walked towards him and gave him a ‘nasty slap.’

He said Foday Barry intervened and asked him to stop beating him and not to spoil their investigation.

He told the Commission that the jungglers were the assassin team known for torturing people, adding that he was beaten with pipes and cold water was poured on him.

He said Musa Jammeh alias Malianmungo threatened to cut his hand with the bayonet of his gun if he refuses to confess to have been involved in the coup.

He said he was handed over to the junglers who would beat him and stopped after 30 minutes and started questioning again.

He stated that the place he was taken to at the NIA was called ‘NA TALK PLACE.’

The witness told the Commission that Daba Marenah was seriously beaten by the junglers that he could neither hear nor see anyone.

Honourable Demba Dem told the Commission that Daba Marenah, Alpha Bah and Lowe amongst others were collected one night by Tumbul Tamba and were taken to the NIA, but he heard that they had accident on their way to Janjanbureh.

Demba Dem told the Commission that Daba Marenah was killed by the junglers.

He said he saw Tumbul Tamba tortured Ramza Diab and he also saw Sherrif Mustapha Dibba, former speaker of the National Assembly kicked and seriously beaten.

The witness revealed that he saw Ismaila Jammeh tortured Omar Faal and wanted to cut his leg, but, however, cut his back with a knife before he was taken before the panel.

Honourable Demba Dem told the Commission that he saw Lawyer Antouman A. B. Gaye and Mariam Jack Denton at the conference room for interrogation but were not beaten.

He named the torturers as Tumbul Tamba, Ismaila Jammeh, Sulayman Badjie, Nuha Badjie, Sanna Manjang and Pa Malick Jatta brother to the army commander, Brigadier General Babucar Jatta.

He told the Commission that he was detained for one year and nine months at the Mile 2 Prisons, charged with conspiracy to commit treason and arraigned before Justice Agim.

The witness further told the Commission that they protested that he was Yahya Jammeh’s bossom friend and they would not get justice if they were to be tried by Justice Agim.

He revealed that their case was transferred to Justice Yeboah, a Commonwealth judge who acquitted and discharged him.

Honourable Demba Dem asserted that after his release, he was rearrested and taken back to prison but was asked to leave by Auntie Rose of the prison services.

Demba Dem said he went into hiding after his release based on the advised of Baba Jobe that he would be killed by the junglers who actually were looking for him.

He said in Dakar Lt. Musa Jammeh and his team attempted to kidnap Yaya Dampha, a journalist after he revealed that the late Ebrima Chief Manneh was detained at Sare Gai.

Honourable Demba Dem told the Commission that he was relocated to the Netherlands whilst Yaya Dampha was relocated to Sweden.

Author: Bruce Asemota