Foreign fishermen accused of semi industrial fishing

Friday, February 23, 2018

President of Bakau Fishermen and Target Beneficiaries Association (BFTBA), said fishermen from Gambia’s neighbouring Senegal are taking over the country’s territorial waters as they are fishing and loading in containers and send to Senegal.

Nuwa Sajor appealed to Gambia government to help them in placing policies that will guide the sea because there is no enough fish available in Gambian waters. He attributed the situation to what he called the “semi industrial fishing.”

He said people were not aware of the trend but said post net fishing called “fillaturneh” nets which he said are small nets to an extent that even a finger cannot go through. He said the net carries all types of fish irrespective of their sizes and is the fastest way to wipe fishes in the sea.

Mr. Sarjo said “Fillaturneh” originated from Ghana and then to Senegal and is now causing Gambian fishermen to also cross boundaries because Gambian sea is lacking sufficient fish.

He appealed to the government to provide proper landing site for fishermen as the current sites are being threatened by the sea coming towards the shores where they normally keep their important materials.

“I have been to many workshops and forums and raised these issues there but they always give excuses. The fisheries ministry should come to the landing sites to see our obstacles. If any boat sink or is missing in the sea, we contribute as fishermen and try to rescue them from the sea which the Navy patrol officers will not even take a move to help,” Mr. Sajor said.

Sana Sarr, a fisherman at Bakau also called on government to help them with boats in order to create more employment to the citizens, saying majority of the fishermen lack boats.

He also highlighted that sometimes they would find neglected fishing nets crossed on their way, which he said could cause accidents. “This is mostly caused by Senegalese fishermen to trap big fishes. The government must help us to control the type of fishing in the country if not; we will not be able to have fish in future.”  

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: Picture:Nuwa Sajor, president BFTBA