Foni Ding Ding Federation holds AGM

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Foni Ding Ding Federation, a local partner of ChildFund The Gambia Saturday held its Annual General Meeting.

The AGM held at Fatima Senior School brought together 260 delegates from the 13 community associations of the federation.

In his opening remarks, the federation board chairman, Modou Lamin Badjie, underscored the importance of the forum, saying 2016- 2017 fiscal year has been a year of transformation for both Childfund and its local partners. 

He recalled that the year under review set the pace for the beginning of a transformation of the organization to prepare itself better to achieve the desired goals and the challenges in the development arena.

He explained that Eastern Foni and Ding Ding Bantaba federation were merged in February 2017 to pool resources together to better service the deprived, socially excluded and vulnerable children, families and communities through quality programming.

 He noted that the federation registered tremendous success in governance, sponsor relation and partnership building.

According to him, the federation has experienced such challenges as high cancellation among others.

 He urged children and their parents to be committed in sponsor retention by sending timely and quality correspondences to sponsors to avoid cancellation.

Foni Ding Ding Federation Manager, Edi Bah, commended delegates for their impressive turnout, saying it was the federation’s constitutional requirement to organise annual general meeting to report back to the general assembly of the programs implemented, achievements and challenges during the period under review.

“The fiscal year has been a year of transformation in major decisions on new strategies and program delivery models for sustainability of services provided by the federation,” he explained.

The sponsorship is the main revenue base generating funds for program implementation for the federation, he added.

Bah said that the federation has made giant strides in retaining some of their sponsors and even acquired new ones.

 According to him, new initiatives and measures were taken in correspondence and meeting deadlines in processing materials from sponsors and the federation was able to maintain their key performance indicators with zero outstanding in all types of mails.

Bah pointed out that despite all challenges a lot has been achieved during the year under review in the areas of governance and community sensitization.

He commended partners such as the BMZ water and sanitation project for contributing immensely in providing needy communities and schools with safe and clean drinking water and improved sanitation.

He also commended the SOS Women Empowerment for Change Project for supporting 100 women, the American Embassy for supporting refugee related activities through its Julia Taft refugee project.

He extended special thanks to Childfund The Gambia to their federation.

Author: Yai Dibba