First UK Gambian fashion weekend held in London

Friday, July 06, 2018

The First UK Gambian Fashion Weekend and Exhibition took place on Saturday 30th June at the Boleyn, London with Interface Gambia TV in collaboration with Ziza Creation, Global Hands CIC, Nutro By Fange, Begleen Arts and Entertainment, Gainako and Cham Tarr respectively.

Witnessing the event, The Point Entertainment and Lifestyle was informed that the event was intended to create ‘‘good platform’’ for interacting and showcasing Gambian fashion and beauty. It was also about ‘‘creating and displaying’’ work and effort of upcoming young Gambian designers and models across the country and elsewhere.

During the daytime, prior to the official opening of the event, a rehearsal and coordination meeting was organized and Gambian designers used the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other.

They joined effort in order to present a superb, splendid and exclusive Gambian Fashion Exhibition. It was well organized and successfully introduced and promoted talented Gambians across the board.

In a separate communiqué to this correspondent, the organizers, said that one of the main goals of the  event is ‘‘to raise awareness about the fantastic work being done within our community, and creating good platforms for our upcoming young designers and models’’.

As a result, it was effectively structured regardless of other affiliation or personal interest. Thus, more experienced ones also used the occasion to guide and direct newcomers and beginners through various means.

Accordingly, the team at Interface Gambia TV therefore used the opportunity to thank all those who came out to support the event. They conveyed a huge ‘‘thank you’’ to Francis Blaine, Gambia High Commissioner in the UK for not only ‘‘showing’’ his support but also for his attendance.

The team also said that they sincerely appreciated several designers for their amazing collection, ‘‘without them the show would not be possible’’.

Certain ‘‘talented and upcoming young ladies’’ were introduced and a superb performance on the night by Svga, Malick the Fourth, Afrika and Ayolah Hanley along with Lestroy for her ‘‘touching poetry’’ was also highlighted.

The sponsors who made the event possible according to the organizers include EJ Investment Gambia, The Gambian Ministry of Tourism and Culture as well as all those with contributed and participated.

The event was beautifully organized, well presented with red carpet welcoming guests as well as magnificent and stunning white decorations.  

Author: Alhagie Mbye, The Point’s Europe Correspondent.