Fire outbreak destroys 9 houses at Pallol Fulla village

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Issued: Tuesday 26 March 2018

Fire outbreak Friday April 23 destroyed nine houses in two compounds belonging to Saikou Gagigo and Gailleh Gagigo brothers at Pallol Fulla village, in Niani District, in the Central River Region North.

The fire outbreak started around 10 a.m. and was accompanied by heavy wind that lasted for several hours before it was put under control, according to eyewitnesses.

The district disaster management committee embarked on rapid assessment exercise to ascertain extend of damages caused by the fire. The disaster affected about forty-five people and destroyed 9 houses.

Narrating the incident to this reporter, one Ass Sowe said the fire has destroyed everything in these houses which included small ruminants, foodstuff, beds, clothing, cooking utensils and many other valuable materials. He explained that there was a wedding ceremony at the village when the incident happened and most of the villagers were at the ceremony.

He, however, commended all the neighbours for their unflinching support in putting the fire under control. He appealed for help as their foodstuffs have been destroyed by the fire.

The victims called on the chairperson of the district disaster management committee and informed him about the incident.

On behalf of the government and regional disaster management committee, the district chief Alhagie Pierre Bah expressed sympathy to the victims and their families. He further highlighted on the dangers of fire and urged all to be mindful about fires in their compounds. He said fire could another factor of poverty and if occurs, it destroys valuable materials and left people homeless.

Speaking to the press, the head of the victims one Saikou Gagigo spoke at length on damages caused by the inferno. He said the fire has destroyed everything in houses and left them desperate. He pointed out that the fire started at very terrible time when the wind was heavy and before people can put it under control, it already made serious damaged on properties. He said the fire has destroyed their valuable materials in the compound and left them in a desperate condition.